Who’s Up Next?  Karma GS-6 Series Marries EV Luxury with Elegant Performance Design

by Sommer Thornton and Daryl Payne

The new Karma brand seeks to produce the most affordable luxury EV sedan on the market. Karma, a luxury EV company based in Southern California emerged in 2017 as a revamped lux electric carmaker with the most stylish high-performance whips. Last year, Karma launched the GS-6 Series that carries the same sultry cues as the Revero GT.

2021 Karma GS-6

Not quite as cheap as Tesla’s Model S, but much more stylish, the Karma GS-6 Series will be available in three variants Standard, Luxury, and Sport, with the anticipated all-electric GSe-6, the brand’s first-ever pure battery electric vehicle (BEV), available later in the year starting at $79,900.

Karma believes they can take the helm of the emerging EV boom in the U.S. by creating an elegant extended range EV that has an MSRP less than $85k. Considering many of the EV sedans emerging aren’t that expensive, yet hypercars like the Porsche 918 and the LaFerrari are much higher, Karma may be onto something.

2021 Karma GS-6

The new Karma GS-6 has a sleek design that rivals EV sports cars much more expensive. The GS-6 is available with 13 exterior paint options. The GS-6 and GS-6L will come standard with 21-inch Cascade Silver wheels and slate-colored Brembo disc brake calipers, while the top-of-the line GS-6S will come standard with 22-inch Dune Twist Midnight Chrome wheels with red Brembo calipers mated to vented discs. Optional caliper colors include silver, blue, yellow and two shades of orange. Certain trim levels include options for either 21- or 22-inch wheels.

2021 Karma GS-6

Karma offers a hybrid EV system that includes a 400 kW 2-motor system paired with a 1.5 liter turbocharged engine that produces a combined 536 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque. Active exhausts allows for a more ghoulish exhaust note.

The sophisticated powertrain and EV attributes like regenerative braking, an on-board generator for the rear wheels and the 28 kWh battery pack offer a total range of 360 miles, but only 80 miles of pure electric range. The Karma GS-6 is an impressive lux hybrid vehicle that doesn’t need to embellish its EV capabilities. Hybrid is a great win. Plus the Karma GS-6S powertrain allows the AC drive motors to be powered with inverters that convert DC current from the battery back and from regenerative braking to charge the battery pack. The single-speed gearbox is positioned between the two motors and inverters are integrated with the drive motors to make the powertrain compact and lightweight. The drivetrain offers three drive modes, Stealth, Sustain and Sport.

The new Karma GS-6 has a perfectly tuned safety suite that could act as a semi-autonomous Advanced Driver Assistance System. With the Lane Keeping Support, Auto Emergency Braking, blind spot monitor and adaptive cruise control operating in unison, the GS-6 can almost drive itself.

The GS-6 EV will have an MSRP at about $83k.

Check out video of the the Karma GS-6 in motion: https://vimeo.com/536426160 and the interior https://vimeo.com/542245882.