Honda FCV Concept Advances Fuel Cell Leader

by Bill P.
Honda FCV Concept

Honda FCV Concept

Since the inception of its first generation fuel cell vehicle, the FCX in 2012, Honda has led the industry in the development of fuel cell technology.

Now Honda has unveiled the new FCV Concept planned for a 2016 release in the US and Europe. The 5-seater concept features a low stout body that aids performance. And the FCV’s fuel cell stack sits entirely in the front engine compartment of the vehicle which makes the whip lighter and even more efficient. The stack size has been reduced by 33% saving more weight and increasing the drive range.

The next generation FCV advances Honda’s hybrid technology into a playing field only occupied by a few stylish peers like the Tesla Model S and the new Toyota Mirai. The FCV attempts to bring new innovations to stylish electric whips with a cool exterior and a dazzling 300-mile drive range.