Video Daufenbach Camera Advances 3D Tech in Chicago!

By Seth Lieberman and Sommer Thornton
Daufenbach Camera poster

Daufenbach Camera poster

With so many 3D films coming out these days, it’s no wonder Daufenbach Camera rental house is blowing up. If you’ve seen flicks like “Fright Night” and “The Hobbit”, you got an idea of how Red Technology and 3D enhances a great movie. Daufenbach Camera is a 3D and Red Camera rental house, located at 320 North Damon Avenue, 15 minutes from downtown Chicago. As the first 3D Camera rental house of the Midwest, Daufenbach Camera is in high demand, shipping their merchandise all over the world.

UnRated Flair visited Daufenbach Camera on a beautiful spring day, and got a chance to chat with owner, Lawrence Daufenbach and check out the Red Epic and the Red Scarlet cameras.

Red Technology and 3D

Red Technology was founded by Jim Jannard in 2005. The Red Camera captures high quality images and their background, which allows for one to manipulate the picture and create an image that appears to pop out or has extremely focused depth. 3D has two basic parameters, one being inner axial and the other being convergence, where the image appears to pop out of the screen. 3D and Red Technology has grown to utilizing lighter cameras and more effective lenses to allow for more creativity and more aggressive camera movement. In a few short years, 3D has grown from an expensive big-budget privileged few to an industry standard. And Daufenbach Camera is now able to acquire the very latest in 3D and Red Technology, like the new CC 3D rig, which is said to have only 3 other counterparts in the world.

Red Epic Camara on a CC 3D Rig

Red Epic Camara on a CC 3D Rig

 Red Epic Camera and its Rig

Designed for steadicam shots, the Red Epic Camera is a refined and smaller camera that with a 5k mysterium sensor and 13 stops, is able to shoot the image twice with different shutter angles. The two Epic Camera brains atop the CC 3D Rig weigh 120 pounds all together, which is light compared to the heavy bulky cranes that used to be an industry standard. Another innovative thing about the CC 3D rig is the motorized alignment, which allows for the camera assistant to adjust the alignment of the rig remotely. Along with the CC 3D Rig, Daufenbach Camera also has the Element Technica Rigs, also called Threality Rigs. The Element Technica rigs have been used on films like “Prometheus,” and “Spiderman.”

Watch camera assistant John Waterman showing off the Red Epic Camera on the new CC 3D rig, and demonstrating Red Technology on U.R. Flair’s very own, Sommer Thornton.

The Red Scarlet Camera

Red Scarlet Camera

The Red Scarlet Camera is a more affordable 3D camera. Yet this Red Scarlet Camera has amazing capabilities. With the ability to shoot a simultaneous 4k image at different shutter angles, one angle protects highlights, the other protects shadows. The result is an incredible picture. One of the most impressive features of both the Red Scarlet and the Red Epic cameras is the 5” touch screen monitor. The easy-to-use touch screen allows for the frame rate and resolution to be easily manipulated.

Watch John Waterman showing off the Red Scarlet Camera and it’s cool Touch Screen Interface.



Along with the magnificent rigs, Daufenbach Camera has a vast selection of lenses. Like the Optimo DP Zoom Lens, a PL mount lens perfect for handheld shots. They also have the Angenieux Lenses, which are designed for film use, but are compatible with digital cameras. The Zeis Super speed lens is small and light, allowing shallow depth of field. Daufenbach also offers the Red Pro Prime Lenses, the Cooke S4 Lenses, and the Olympus Zuiko Lenses.

Lenses at Daufenbach Camera

Lenses at Daufenbach Camera

Watch John Waterman showing off some of the lenses Daufenbach offers.

Lawrence Daufenbach

The most inspiring part of my visit to Daufenbach Camera was my chat with owner and founder, Lawrence Daufenbach.Lawrence started Daufenbach Camera from his Logan Square living room, renting out his first Red Camera. In just 3 years his business has grown to a large loft space with a loading dock and more renovations in the near future.Lawrence says that when it’s done, the Chicago facility will be about 2,500 square feet.

Lawrence Daufenbach, Owner of Daufenbach Camera

Lawrence Daufenbach, Owner of Daufenbach Camera

One would think that renting $100,000 cameras would be cumbersome. But Daufenbach Camera is all about quality service and prices. Their website is fully integrated to quote prices, create a cart based on single items or bundles depending on the specific production needs, and send the product request straight to Lawrence Daufenbach and his associates. The rest of the rental process is very personal. Lawrence or one of his associates speak with the client about their production, the insurance certification is completed, and the production normally sends an Assistant Director to view the equipment for their order. Once the order is approved, the cameras are packaged in special casing, shipped to the production, then rigged in all sorts of scenarios!

With Red Technology coming to the forefront of big studio films, independent movies, and music videos, Daufenbach Camera’s demand grows exponentially every year. And that means big bucks, expansions, and more bragging rights for Chicago.



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