Dr. Martens in Bucktown: Me Want More

 By Justin Smith

Near the edge of a well known Bucktown intersection sits a new Dr. Martens shoe and accessory store. Dr. Martens opened in March 2012 at 1561 North Milwaukee Avenue, on the unofficial fashion strip of neo metro-sexual style and decadence.

Outside of Dr. Martens in Bucktown

Dr. Martens at 1561 North Milwaukee Ave

The space is impressive, with a 15 foot mirror and illuminated shelves. They have a wide selection of boots, men and women’s shoes, loafers, square toes, utility boots, and sandals. I even caught a glimpse of some purses and a few outfits. There were only a few styles that stood out from the brand’s traditional look, like the floral print boots and the wedge heels.

Entrance to Dr. Martens

Inside Dr. Martens at 1561 North Milwaukee Ave

Yet I expected to see something fresh, something different from Dr. Martens signaling growth with the brand. I’m no hater. Dr. Martens has  great sales figures online and in stores. But if you’re gonna open in a sprawling area in Bucktown, a few blocks from a dozen sexyman stores and the Akira oasis, I expect you to have some flair to offer.

Dr Martens
1561 North Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL
(773) 489-5499



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