Video MakeUp Show Tour 2012 is About Being Bold and Authentic

  By Sommer Thornton and Tracy T
Makeup Show Chicago 2012

Makeup Show Chicago 2012

The Makeup Show 2012 is in full swing, rolling into Chicago last Spring to much anticipation. This is the premiere showcase held in only 5 cities annually where professional makeup artists meet, mingle, and MARKET. U.R. Flair dropped in on a steamy Monday to check out the latest trends and perhaps pick up a few deals.

Rookies last year like Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics are moving in a bold new direction, offering lip tar in a number of colors, some natural-some wild. Obsessive Compulsive also had glitter, which a patron said was the same kind you can buy at a craft store. She applied the glitter atop a fiery blue lip and it looked amazing. Obsessive Compulsive also had great pigments, and OCC Tint and Concealer that are still cruelty free in all shades.

OCC Tint and Concealer @ Makeup Show Chicago 2012

OCC Tint and Concealer @ Makeup Show Chicago 2012

OCC Lip Tar

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar








On  to Inglot! Inglot has the honor of being the makeup wonder for movies, fashion, and everyday use. They had a plethora of shades of makeup, eye shadow, lipstick, gloss, and concealer beautifully presented. Inglot is one of my favs because they keep it classy, yet they always offer a chic variety for all levels of hot girl.

Inglot Shades

Inglot shades @ the Makeup Show Chicago 2012

A pleasant surprise came in the form of a new brush sensation and great conversation with its creator. The London Brush Company is a relatively new brand owned by Sian Richards, a 2nd-generation make up artist.

I got the chance to chat with Sian Richards about the creation of brushes, which are made from the finest European natural hair, and have a tip bent at a 95 degree angle.

London Brush Cmpany

Brush selection from the London Brush Company



“Bend the brush instead of your back,”Sian says. Cool shit! The London Brush Company makes some of the softest brushes I’ve ever felt.




Make Up Forever never disappoints. I actually like them a smidge more than Inglot for one reason. Make Up Forever is (in my opinion) the only professional make up that make me feel like a professional. That’s because their lip, eye, and face make up is easy to use. Some of it even comes with a how-to-guide. Moreover, Make Up Forever comes to the Makeup Show with something new every year.

Make Up Forever @ the Makeup Show Chicago 2012

Make Up Forever @ the Makeup Show Chicago 2012

Make Up Forever Academy

This year, along with their bold yet wearable colors and natural pigments, Make Up Forever unveiled the Make Up Forever Academy, a New York City based program for enthused makeup artists. For a pretty affordable tuition, you can be taught the art of everything from airbrushing, theater and film makeup, to more experimental latex on wax, emergency effects, and even prosthetics

Speaking of a sexy eye, J. Envy boasts a variety of premium lashes that can accent any woman’s eyes.

J. Envy Eyelashes

J. Envy Eyelashes @ the Makeup Show Chicago 2012

And Crown Brush, one of the most sought after brush brands in the biz….well their area was an orgy of makeup mavens clamoring for deals on brushes and confused girls just in awe of the hundred of varieties Crown Brush offers.

Bdellium Brushes

BDelium Tools at the Makeup Show Chicago 2012

But another brush company, Bdellium Tools caught my eye. As the rep explained to me, their brushes are all-natural for smooth even application. He even gave me a set of the bamboo brushes, which I will be reviewing! Another newish company, Kissable Couture is a great brand of lip gloss for women of color, owned by AJ Crimson.

AJ-Johnson Lavish Lock Box Demo

AJ Johnson Lavish Lock Box Review

AJ Johnson of Chicagolicous fame introduced a new hair regimen for African American women with natural or textured hair.



Watch the Rep explaining how AJ Johnson’s regimen is perfect for women who battle humidity ravaged hair issues.

Some of the other major companies like NARS, Smashbox, and Kevyn Aucoin had nice products, but failed to bring new flair. And MAC only brought their Pro Line to the Makeup Show.

Motives for Lala, a new extension to the successful Motives make up line, however, did impress me. The shades are perfect for that mocha brown or caramel brown complexion -pretty much any woman’s skin that can be described with a latte flavor it looks great on.

Motives Cosmetics @ the Makeup Show Chicago 2012

Motives Cosmetics – Co Owned by Lala Anthony @ the Makeup Show Chicago 2012

Overall, the Makeup Show Chicago was a great tour. Every year I’m put on game with something new in the beauty industry. For 2012, it’s all about class and adventure.

Check out more pics from the show!

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