Lotus Evora 400 Debuts at Geneva Motor Show

by Bill P.
2016 Lotus Evora 400 at Geneva Int'l Motor Show
2016 Lotus Evora 400 at Geneva Int’l Motor Show

Lotus unveiled its new Evora 400 at this week’s Geneva International Motor Show. The lighter, faster Evora 400 is the latest pure and focused supercar from Lotus combining drag performance with greater handling and agility.


Race-inspired Exterior

The wider, lower longer Evora 400 has an aggressive stance with more aerodynamic and cooling enhancements like large air intakes, a lightweight composite rear diffuser and three-element rear wing. Large side intakes help to cool the 400 horsepower engine and increase aerodynamic downforce. Sharp corners allow clean airflow separation. The distinctive three-element wing and new lightweight composite rear diffuser contribute to the impressive

2016 Lotus Evora 400
2016 Lotus Evora 400

downforce. The approach angle has been reduced from 11.5 degrees to 10 degrees to aid aerodynamic downforce.

Over two thirds of the Lotus Evora 400 is new, including a lightweight aluminum chassis, new interior and the lightweight composite body. The Evora 400 is also 22 kg lighter, achieved through careful and clever design and attention to detail. This weight reduction is even more impressive considering that the supercar has more power and a higher standard specification than before.


Impressive Athletic Performance

The powerful new Evora 400 has a supercharged and charge-cooled mid-mounted 3.5-litre V6 engine with 400 horsepower and 302 lb-ft of torque. Maximum speed is 186 mph and acceleration from 0-60 mph is achieved in 4.1 seconds. The Evora 400 is the fastest road-going Lotus ever produced and is still cheaper than its competitors. It delivers supercar looks and supercar performance. A driver selectable switch can adjust throttle response and traction to Drive, Sport, and Race modes.

The Evora 400’s benchmark lap time at the Lotus Test Track at Hethel, has been slashed by 6 seconds thanks to higher engine power, revised spring and damper settings, a Limited Slip Differential (LSD) and a downforce of 70 lbs at 150 mph. This downforce equates to 26 lbs front; 44 lbs rear, achieved by the Evora 400s flat-floor, lightweight composite rear diffuser, three-element rear wing and airflow management strategy.

2016 Lotus Evora 400
2016 Lotus Evora 400

A number of manual gearbox enhancements have greatly improved shift quality including a new clutch disc and a low inertia flywheel that ensure swift and tactile gear changes. For the manual version, a Torsen-type limited slip differential (LSD) has been fitted as standard to the rear axle, which gives a more involving drive and better traction, to produce better lap times. For the automatic transmission option, a new shift strategy has been developed, with gear changes made using the lightweight aluminum paddles mounted to the steering wheel.

Braking comes from a more powerful, two-piece, cross-drilled and ventilated brake discs. Lightweight forged aluminum wheels, 19 on the front and 20 on the rear, are 3.3 kg lighter than the forged wheels on the previous Evora and are now shod with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires (235/35×19 91Y front; 285/30×20 99Y rear), which not only increase vehicle stability and grip levels but also enhance the overall quality of the dynamics package.


Hand-Crafted Sporty -Interior

The sport-driven cockpit of the Evora 400 has been redesigned with a bespoke feel, carried across three new trim levels, including upgrades to full Alcantara or Scottish leather.

2016 Lotus Evora 400 interior
2016 Lotus Evora 400 interior

The cabin features a lightweight forged magnesium steering wheel with a red racing stripe, push button start, and a revised instrument cluster. Switchgear haptics and ergonomics have also been improved significantly, the latter through relocating the upper-central dashboard.

Both comfort and ergonomics have been improved dramatically, with a new HVAC system that provides greater airflow and operator control. And high-end in-car entertainment system is standard, with the latest, lightweight and slim-line door speakers being fitted within the new door casings.

The new Lotus Evora 400 will be on sale in European Markets in late summer 2015 and in North America in the fall of 2015.