Toyota Drive Center Invades Wicker Park Fest Chicago

by Sommer Thornton
Toyota Drive Center in Wicker Park, Chicago
Toyota Drive Center in Wicker Park, Chicago

The infamous Toyota Drive Center is a nationwide tour that allows locals to test drive the latest whips Toyota has to offer. Over the weekend, Toyota’s Drive Center set up shop in northwest Chicago with the Wicker Park Festival and invited patrons to check out the 2013 Avalon, 2013 Camry and Camry Hybrid, the 2013 Corolla, Rav4, and the Prius Liftback and Prius C. Toyota has the right idea to invite new fans to the top selling brand. And with efficiency being the biggest car trend, MPG giants like the 43 mpg Camry and the 53 mpg Prius C are sure to sell very well in their segments.


2013 Toyota Avalon

The Avalon is one of our favorite new sedans because of its stylish luxury and useful efficiency. Read more….


2013 Toyota Camry and Camry Hybrid

Toyota Rep driving the 2013 Camry LE Hybrid
Toyota Rep driving the 2013 Camry LE Hybrid

Though the Camry’s facelift gives it a more athletic character, its efficiency and sophistication still make it one of only a handful of affordable lux full size sedans.

I test drove the Camry LE Hybrid. With leather interior and a tech savvy infotainment system, the LE better suits my taste.  But showing regenerative braking and the electric drive process on the media screen instead of smaller on the dash is off-putting. Read more…



2013 Toyota Rav4

The new Rav4 is a fun truck to whip around Wicker Park Chicago. The 2013 Rav4 is completely redesigned with a spacious looking interior, a infotainment system with touch screen, and manual driving capabilities. Read more…


2013 Toyota Corolla

The compact sedan has a new sporty look with dramatic sloping roofline, LED headlights and taillights and carbon fiber accents. Read more…


Toyota Prius and Prius C

2013 Prius at Toyota Drive Center, Chicago
2013 Prius at Toyota Drive Center, Chicago

The Prius is one of the most fuel efficient cars on the market. While style isn’t its main focus, the look of the Prius has improved inside and out. And 53 mpg’s is a big turn-on.


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