Tesla Model S Wins Coveted Car of the Year Award

By Tony West
Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S MotorTrends’ Car of the Year

Motortrend’s 2013 Car of the Year is a shocker. The Tesla Model S, the world’s first premiere electric sedan was unanimously voted the prestigious honor. Up against heavy hitters like the Porsche Boxer, BMW 3-Series, Lexus GS, and Subaru BRZ, the Tesla Model S proves that efficiency, power, and luxury are at the forefront of electric innovations. The Model S offers a 40 kWh, 60kWh, and 85kWh battery. All 3 batteries use lithium-ion for optimal energy density, thermal management, and safety. The Tesla Model S boasts 402hp, (295lb ft electric) reaching 0-60 in 4.4 seconds.

Located in California, the Tesla manufacturers and designs EV’s and European components for partners like Daimler and Toyota. Their goal with the Tesla Model S design was to accelerate the world’s transition to electric mobility with a range of affordable and practical electric cars.

Tesla Model S Interior
Tesla Model S Interior

I’m curious about how charging in high populated areas in Chicago would be. But the sleek muscle look of the Tesla Model S more than compensates. And with 50/50 weight distribution and a low center of gravity, the Model S handles like a sports car, while providing the quality ride of a luxury sports sedan. The Model S lightness is in some ways due to it having no internal combustion engine or transmission tunnel. This allows for more cargo space than any other sedan in its class and including a second trunk under the hood. The Model S interior features a 17 inch dash touch screen that utilizes streaming radio, browsing, and navigation. There are already pre-orders for this $60,000-$90,000 whip in the U.S.

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