Video: Evolution Man, Men’s Skincare with a Smooth Sexy Edge

By Tony West and Maasai Amewa
Maasai Amewa and Evolution Man Shaving Regimen
Maasai Amewa and Evolution Man Shaving Regimen

EvolutionMan is a relatively new skincare line for men that includes a shaving regimen, SPF moisturizer, revitalizing eye gel, lip balm and a few other products. Usually when I walk past those Sephora stores… I just keep walking because when I think cosmetics, I think Women. But Evolutionman is for every man that wants to take care of his skin in a sensible, low maintenance way that makes shaving easier. This is the first line of mens skin care products that have a masculine look, and are specifically catered to the problems men have with their skin. The Wash and Buff is like double the exfoliation, and the Moisture Protect SPF 20 has vitamin E, antioxidants, and full sun protection.

Evolution Man Products
Evolution Man Products

Founder and Owner, Marco Berardini created the line out of his need for realistic products that could rival the hundreds out for women’s skin. “I went more in depth and I saw that a lot of the ingredients were not up to par with what the women’s side was doing,” recounts Berardini , “I wanted something to sit in my bathroom that was a men’s product.” Thus Evolution Man answers men’s special needs and yet isn’t “real gimmicky,” as Berlini describes other men’s skin products.

U.R. Flair Guest Correspondent, Maasai, a Chicago musician sampled the shaving regimen which includes the Wash and Buff, Cleanse and Shave, and the Moisture SPF 20. Maasai prefers to use steam, shea butter, and nutrition based skin care. But he was excited to try something new.

Wash and Buff

Using it before he shaved, Maasai said the Wash and Buff made his skin tingle and feel fresh-yet not dry. The Wash and Buff acts as a cleanser and as an exfoliate, something Marcus Berardini says men need more than women for their skin. Tea tree leaf oil and Vitamin E in the Wash and Buff help rejuvenate and nourish the skin, preparing it for a close clean shave.

Watch Maasai use the Wash & Buff!


Cleanse and Shave

The Cleanse and Shave is packed full of vitamins, essential oils, amino acids, and panthenol that replenishes the skin, reduces pore size, softens, soothes, and lubricates. Maasai used a straight razor for a suspenseful shave. Yet the blade glided across his skin smoothly because the Wash and Buff removed excess dirt while the Cleans and Shave softened the hairs on his face.

Watch Maasai Shave with the Cleanse and Shave!


Moisture SPF 20

The last step, the Moisture SPF 20 also comes as a bronzer. The Moisture SPF 20 is a very light triple-action moisturizer that revitalizes and protects the skin after a shave. No more putting alcohol/ aftershave on our face to feel the burn. Men’s skin actually benefits more from being moisturized and protected from harmful sun rays.

After his shave and moisturizing, Maasai said his skin felt emancipated! After using the shave regimen for 3 months, Maasai is ready to replenish his stock and he says he’ll even consider trying the Revitalizing Eye Gel. Maasai is a changed man, thanks to EvolutionMan.


Evolution Man Founder and CEO Marco Berardini
Evolution Man Founder and CEO Marco Berardini

U.R. Flair chatted with Owner and Founder Marco Berardini about how Evolution Man is evolving the way men around the world take care of their skin and his vision for the next 5-10 years.

Read U.R. Flair’s full interview with Evolution Man Founder and Owner Marco Berardini.

Marco on whether male celebrities are more skin conscious now than before:

“I think that celebrities in general are more conscious especially now with HD cameras shoved in their face all the time. It doesn’t take a lot for one of the trashy magazines to say “oh my god” look at his pimple or look how bad his skin is. They’re constantly being torn down so they wanna look their best. I think that’s bleeding into everyday life because who hasn’t been tagged in a horrible Facebook picture?”

Marco on some of the common skin problems men suffer from:

“The number one concern really is that men just need to exfoliate more than women. We should be doing it in a light way but on a daily basis. Because for one we do shave, and even if we don’t shave and just trim, it’s really important that we don’t have any dead skin in our pours because it’ll create razor rash. Also most men are oiler, you can see that progressively throughout the day they will get shinier and that has a lot to do wit the fact that they’re not exfoliating, they’re not cleansing properly, or they’re using a face wash that over strips their skin, so that you’re basically teaching it [your skin] that “I’m really dry I need to over produce oil.”

On how to convince us macho men to use the Lip Balm and Revitalizing Eye Gel:

“Men are more prone to wrinkling around the eyes because most men protect themselves from the sun much less than women do. I joke around and say ‘use it when you have a hangover so you don’t look like you were drunk the night before.’ And they’ll use it that one time and say wow I looked so busted and now I looked great. After a few days of usage of the Eye Gel they’ll notice that their eyes look brighter and they look more alive. It’s important that when they use it the first time they notice that it’s undetectable. It’s giving them benefits but no one knows they just used it.

On what the best compliment he’s gotten from a customer:

“One of my favorite was someone who said that they had been getting bad razor rash and it doesn’t hurt them to shave anymore. Women don’t realize it’s a pain in the ass when it hurts to shave and you have to do it for a job interview or whatever. It really sucks.”

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