Video BMW vs. Benz….and Lexus

 By Tony West and Jamar Lee

BMW and Mercedes Benz have been rivaling for top dog in the luxury car game longer than most of the people working for each company probably remembers. BMW has long been a symbol for wealth- “old money” as some call it. Mercedes has become a more flashier generation’s symbol of success and “the good life.” Yet in 2012, for the first time, an old friend has become a new competitor to both.

Mercedes SL65 AMG
Mercedes SL65 AMG
BMW 7 Series
7 Series BMW @ Chicago Auto Show 2012








It all began 5 years ago with 3 letters-L-F-A.

The LFA is Lexus’ exotic sports coupe with 202 mph on the dash and a powerful 4.8 liter V10 engine. Now Lexus has cars in each class that rival the Beamer and the Benz on luxury, affordability, and safety. For some, Lexus truly has an leg up on BMW and Mercedes because Lexus has a unique exterior and interior character that suits every car buyer. For the sporty enthusiast that loves to soup up their cars, Lexus has the newly designed I.S. For the eco conscious city dweller, Lexus offers the new GS Hybrid. As their “old money” status symbol, Lexus has the LS, which still has its unique flair.

Lexus LFA
Lexus LFA

Now Lexus even has a convertible coup that rivals the Mercedes C-Class coupes. Perhaps Mercedes hasn’t broken a sweat because they have raised the bar with their new C250 and C350 coupes to be classy yet down-to-earth sporty vehicles. But BMW may want to take notes. BMW has failed to bring a new design, new concept, or new technology to their line for the past few years, and fans have taken notice. Though the financial stats for 2012 will be the true test, judge for yourself…Beamer, Benz – or Lexus.

Watch Mercedes Benz  vs. BMW @ the Chicago Auto Show

Watch Bill Kwong, Lexus Dir. of Communications discusses his love for the LFA

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